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If you happen to be an off-road explorer or camper, you know that the inside of your Jeep, ATV, pick-up or even your car can get pretty nasty—pretty quickly—after you’ve been around or out on or off the trail.  When it comes to protecting your cab or Jeep/ATV interior, Rhino  Linings comes to the rescue in more ways than one.  Our sealant can be sprayed on interior floors, and on the steering wheel, dash, gearshift, glove box, and even the headliner.  Not only will a fresh coat of protective spray give your ride a cooler, edgier and tougher look, it’ll take interior cleaning to a whole new, more simplified level.

With Rhino  Linings on the inside of your vehicle, you can even easily hose out parts of the flooring (unless it’s carpeted).  As the e-zine Auto Truck Toys states, “There are very few things that are harder on the interior of your truck than dirt…!”  We can think of a few more too:  Just imagine of all the STUFF that collects in fabric pickup truck and Jeep interiors—areas that normally would be a never-ending catch-all for gravel, pebbles, dirt and debris (especially if you’re into trail riding).  In fact, thinking about Rhino  Lining's benefits from the “inside out” may be one of the hottest growing trends and uses for our technology.

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